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You may be wondering what the heck does “rawgabbit” mean and why we chose that name. Well, to make a long story short, we came up with a brilliant idea to start going around the whole world and picking up unique pieces that women who wanted to wear trendy, unique stuff at an affordable price could wear.

After that was said and done, we had to pick a name because of course we needed a name so that people would know what to call us!

To avoid boring you with all the details, here is what happened; we eventually googled weird old English words and then this wonderful thing came up:

"A rawgabbit, just in case you were wondering, is somebody who speaks in strictest confidence about a subject of which they know nothing. A rawgabbit is the person who pulls you aside and reveals in a careful whisper that the head of Compliance is having an affair with the new recruit in IT, which you know to be utterly untrue because the head of Compliance is having an affair with you, and the new recruit in IT hasn’t started yet." - Mark Forsyth.

So in short, the word combines everything we are into one weird word that is fun to say and remember. We are all about fashionistas who are laid back and love bold fashion at an affordable price tag!

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